ITERCON collaborates with the homeless center of Alcobendas

  • The amount of the check will be used to purchase items that improve the lives of users of the center for the homeless in Alcobendas.

The Spanish design and construction company, Itercon, has made a donation of 3.000 euros to the center for the homeless in the municipality of Alcobendas.

Through the Ciudad de Alcobendas Foundation, the industrial construction company will supply the users of the center with new devices that will improve their quality of life and will also contribute to their fight against loneliness.

The initiative is part of the company’s social responsibility plan, whose axis is support for local communities, especially those in which great ties are generated due to the execution of large projects in the area. In this case, the Itercon team has been located in the Alcobendas industrial estate for several months for the construction of a data center of more than 20.000 square meters that is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2024.

“People and, especially, the most vulnerable groups are the pillar on which our company’s CSR plan revolves. For this reason, when we get involved in a new community, as is the case of Alcobendas, we make ourselves available to the local authorities to contribute our grain of sand.” has commented on CEO of Itercon, Manuel Marín.




The vice president of the foundation and mayor of the city, Aitor Retolaza, declared during the act, “save lives, that is our goal. Homeless people are the most vulnerable to inclement weather, easily treated diseases or other primary needs that others assume, but to which they do not have access. We must be very aware of this. Public-private collaboration actions, in which the public administrations lead the way and the private company provides the vehicle, are capable of tracing paths of justice, equality and salvation for those people in a disadvantaged situation”.

For her part, the patron of the Ciudad de Alcobendas Foundation and councilor for the area, Inma Puyalto stated “The group of homeless people is usually always invisible, thanks to this donation the focus is placed on a problem that affects thousands of people, and that anyone can end up in this situation; For this reason, it is important that both administrations and private companies row in the same direction to improve the quality of life of this group”
The delivery of the check has been carried out this morning in the town hall building and has had the presence of local representatives and the company.