ITERCON and SERVITRIA promote the presence of women in the industrial sector

  • The companies have organized the meeting ‘Building in equality’ in which leading women in the sector highlighted the importance of the female presence in the industry.
  • Both companies have a strong commitment to equality and have plans and actions that support it.

On March 8, the company specialized in design and construction, Itercon, and the company specialized in services for large companies and administrations, Servitria, organized a round table on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Under the slogan ‘Building in equality’, both companies brought together a select group of leading women in the industrial field, due to their brilliant professional careers, to share their experience and experience with all the women who are part of the Itercon and Servitria teams. experiences throughout all these years and thus, act as a motivation lever to continue promoting their growth and development.

The commitment to diversity and equality in the teams is part of the DNA of the organizing companies, which since their foundation have carried out actions and initiatives that guarantee this end. They have recently launched an Equality Plan that, among others, includes new measures in the area of ​​family reconciliation, internal training in this field and audits that guarantee salary equity.

During the meeting, the benefits of the female leadership model that large companies are already applying were mentioned. “When women reach management positions, the way of leading will change. We are more empathetic and we are more united as a team” pointed out Amparo García, Development Manager of Cyrus One Spain.

For her part, the Manager of Investments and Subsidies of Ford Spain, Carmen Sebastian highlighted the importance of self-confidence and mutual support, “we must trust ourselves and make ourselves strong. When we are a team we add more

Despite the fact that the presence of women in the sector does not exceed 23%, Maria Luisa Collado, a professor at the ETSIE of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) He assured that the trend is changing. “In my time there were hardly any women in my career, now I am a teacher and I have 60% of students”. An example of this is ITERCON, a company that has more than 32% women on its teams.

At the end of the day, the communication director of CEMEX in Spain, Teresa Busqué, reinforced the message of her classmates “we have to work to support each other, our daughters and classmates and empower them all”.