We participate in the delivery of toys and Christmas baskets for families at risk of social exclusion in Illescas

ITERCON, through the Cental Iberum platform Formed by the promoter and construction companies of the Illescas logistics area, it has delivered more than 700 toys and 100 Christmas baskets that will be distributed by the Social Services of the City Council to the families, boys and girls most in need of the Toledo town.

ITERCON, continues to show its social responsibility with the population of Illescas and one more year has joined this donation that has been carried out in the town hall by the hand of the Mayor, Jose Manuel Tofiño and Inmaculada Martín from the social area. What’s more, Save the Children Spain has collected 150 tickets for the Ice Rink for the children of the Ludoteca and the CADFA (Center for Attention to Families and Adolescents) and checks of € 600 each have been delivered to the 3 Associations that work with different disabilities, mainly with children. (ADAIDF, AIDISCAM and La Casa de Aarón).