The festivities of Illescas (Toledo) burn their first falla thanks to ITERCON

The town of Toledo has included the “cremà” of the monument in its festival program

The fault plant has been an initiative of the Itercon company, which builds various logistics projects in Illescas

Las Fallas leave Valencia to land in Illescas hand in hand with ITERCON. The Valencian company has donated a unique falla to the town of Toledo as one more claim within the framework of the Miracle of Illescas festivities that have been celebrated these days. Thus, the residents of this town, who had never experienced anything like it, have enjoyed an authentic nocturnal ‘mascletà’ of color and the subsequent ‘cremà’ of a Valencian falla. Something that has impressed everyone who has come to the Illescas fairgrounds.

“We want to spread the Valencian traditions wherever we are implanted and Illescas is a town of which we feel neighbors” he explains Javier Lujan, president of EVFRAN, group to which ITERCON belongs.

ITERCON is developing various logistics projects in Illescas. The local logistics center is destined to become one of the benchmarks in Spain due to its strategic location and the importance of the multinationals that are setting up. This large logistics center is strategically located due to its proximity to the Madrid metropolitan area, as well as its access to the A-42 and the availability of labor.

“Everyone knows the Fallas, they have references, but not everyone has had the opportunity to directly see what the Fallas themselves are, or to enjoy the pyrotechnics, or to see a Fallas burn live. It is a way of adding a new attraction to the Miracle festivities, such as a falla and all that it entails,” says Luján.

The falla has been designed by the Valencian fallero artist Vicent Albert Garcia and the fireworks were carried out by the prestigious Pyrotechnics of the Mediterranean.