Juan Rodríguez (Running ITERCON): “The team fosters camaraderie and personal relationships among workers”

It is more than proven that sport improves people’s physical and mental health. In addition, sports activity helps reduce work stress and possible tensions or conflicts that may arise in the environment while reinforcing bonds between colleagues and promoting both physical and psychological development and well-being. With that idea in 2018, the ITERCON Running team was officially formed. Currently this sports section is made up of around 25 people and coordinated by Juan Rodríguez, one of its promoters together with Miguel Navarro. Today we chat with Juan to analyze what the team contributes to the company’s workers, what are the future plans and the most outstanding career.

Question: How many races have you played? What kind of races do you run?

Juan Rodríguez: Since 2018 we have been in 9 races, taking into account the break that occurred due to COVID in March 2020, it is quite good. We mostly dispute Trail, although we have also participated in some by city. But honestly, we prefer the mountain, since it has the hiking and trail modality, so more companions can participate, in addition, enjoying nature while practicing sports, is priceless.

Q: What has been the toughest race you have had together? Any anecdote?

JR: The hardest without a doubt was the Trail de l’Alcudia De Crespins 17.7km with and 700 m of unevenness, spectacular scenery, but with some unevenness breaks legs, but hey, we all finished it without any incident, and we recovered our strength with a good lunch. Regarding the anecdote, I remember the Anna’s Trail race, because there were areas we had to pass through, a river crossed them, and it was funny to see how people managed to cross without getting too wet. We, as we prepare for the races before doing them, we sent our “explorers” to do it before, and they already warned us, so we got ready, some brought garbage bags to place on our feet, or I, for example, took some Neoprene socks from the pool, and before crossing I took off my slippers and crossed with them. It was very funny, we were the most prepared.

Q: What does the running team bring to the workers of the company?

JR: I think it fosters companionship and personal relationships. Many times at work we go very fast and you don’t have time to empathize with anyone. I believe that in these times, these initiatives team up and They help to do the job better, since you do not see your colleagues as workers, but as friends and people who share your hobby and your values.

Q: What do you have in mind for 2021 since the races have been suspended? Are you still training as a team?

JR: Well, I have several initiatives in mind, to start in the coming months, we are going to organize online races, through an application such as RUNASTIC OR STRAVA, in which you can share in real time a route that you are doing. The idea is to organize routes of 7-10 km to do them at the same time on a day that we choose. Unfortunately we have to do the workouts individually, the only thing is to share routines, which we do through a WhatsApp group that we create.