Join the solidarity challenge of the ITERCON running team!

The week of June 21-27, the ITERCON running team will run as many kilometers as possible for a good cause.

The solidarity challenge in CACO mode (walking or running) consists of, during that week, going for a walk or running and recording your kilometers in the Adidas Runtastic APP. ITERCON will donate 1 euro for each kilometer traveled by its employees and their families (spouse / partner + children). The NGOs selected by the company to donate the proceeds are: CHARITY HOUSE y AECC Spanish Association Against Cancer. The money raised will be donated to these two emblematic institutions, equal apart, at 50%.

We know that you are eager to resume popular races with the team, but you have to be cautious and take extreme security measures. For this reason, we have launched this initiative in which everyone can participate and at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to go for a run if you don’t want to, you can also walk to work or go for a walk, all you have to do is install the app and record your kilometers traveled. It is a simple gesture and one that will help many families.

In addition, to awaken the interest of as many people as possible, ITERCON will award to the person who makes the most kilometers and the one with the most original drawing with the app’s gps with a thermal circuit and a 60-minute massage for two people (one bonus per winner).

Also for all participants who want, there will be a final race on June 27 organized in groups of 10 people and by zones, in which ITERCON will sponsor a lunch valued at 6 euros / person. So you no longer have an excuse to go for a run the week of June 21-27! Until then you can train so that those days you are in your best physical shape.

If you like the initiative and want to join, get in touch with the head of the running team to add you to the challenge: Juan Rodríguez ( We will wait for you!