ITERCON collaborates in the Amazon Web Services data center expansion project in Aragon

  • This is the third project that the construction company has carried out for the technology multinational.
  • The company has a specific line of business for the design and construction of data centres, which already has a turnover of over 250 million euros.

The company specialized in design and construction, ITERCON, is participating in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) expansion project in Spain the cloud services multinational announced a few weeks ago. Specifically, the construction company is working on the project to expand the technology company’s infrastructure in the region of Aragon.

For several weeks now, the ITERCON team has been immersed in the expansion of the main building located in the town of Villanueva de Gállego, which began to materialise four years ago.

As part of the construction process, ECO concretes will be used to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings as part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Trust in ITERCON

This brings to three the number of projects that Amazon’s cloud services subsidiary has awarded to ITERCON. The first of these came in 2020 with the construction of the first phase of the project at the Villanueva de Gállego and Huesca centres, with the construction of the main building and the equipping of the first server room.

After the development of the first works in both locations, in 2021, ITERCON was awarded two more phases of the project, which included the expansion of the space dedicated to servers in the same building, which was completed at the end of 2022.

Aragon attracts the clouds

Its geographical location, the availability of land, its multiple energy and water resources are some of the factors that have allowed Aragon to establish itself as one of the key points in the peninsula for the development of data centres for large technology companies and, therefore, it is also a reference region in the expansion of this line of business for ITERCON.

130 megawatts in four years

The Valencian company with an international presence has more than 65 years of experience in the sector, but since 2020 it has a specific line of business for the design and construction of data centres.

Just four years after the launch of this area, the company has created infrastructures that house more than 130 megawatts and has an extensive portfolio that includes projects for clients such as CyrusOne, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Government of Spain.

ITERCON’s team of data centre specialists has led more than a dozen projects in Spain and Germany, and this line of business is currently worth 257 million euros, and the company expects to continue growing in this direction.