ITERCON and SERVITRIA analyse challenges towards equality in the construction sector

  • The companies have held the second edition of the round table ‘Building on Equality’ at their headquarters in Madrid.
  • Speakers at the meeting included women from companies such as Amazon, P3, Consolis Tecnyconta and Prologis.
  • The speakers shared their views on the importance of early training, internal awareness programs and sustainability as a focus of action.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, the leading company in design and construction, ITERCON, and SERVITRIA, a company of the same group specialized in comprehensive services in the industrial sector, have held the second edition of the day ‘Building in equality’ at its headquarters in the country’s capital.

The event, which was born with the aim of promoting and making visible the role of women in the construction sector, has as its central axis a round table with the participation of leading women in the sector, such as Sonia Corvera, EU Lead Pre-Construction Manager at Amazon, Marta Estellés, director of Innovation and Sustainability at Consolis Tecnyconta, Evelyn Heilbut, Development Manager at P3 and Inés Martín, Operations Construction Manager at Prologis. All of them are closely linked to the organization as customers or suppliers.

During the meeting, the most relevant figures on the presence of women in the construction sector, which currently does not reach 12%, and the challenges faced by companies and the professionals themselves in terms of equality were analysed. A long process that, in the words of the attendees, involves training from a very early age. “It is worth passing on our experience so that there are more women who contribute wonders to this beautiful sector. I believe that we have different ways of seeing things and all this makes it possible for us to grow and for this sector to grow, but not only from the classroom, but also by changing the mentality,” said Inés Martín.

The Prologis executive emphasized the need for awareness-raising initiatives and mentoring programs, especially in the early years.

Supporting her colleague’s story, Sonia Corvera did not hesitate to call for an end to stereotypes and insecurities and to step forward to showcase successes. “Men are usually more direct when it comes to talking about their achievements, but it’s harder for us, even in the job search process. We don’t dare to send our application if we don’t meet most of the requirements. Something that doesn’t happen to them”.

Fortunately, the industry has made great strides in terms of equality in recent years, and this is also reflected in companies. “I remember at the first logistics event I attended, in 2016, I was the only woman in a room of 300 people. Today women in P3 represent more than 50% of the workforce and 30% of them hold management positions,” commented Evelyn Heilbut.

Another of the topics around which the conversation revolved was sustainability and the role played by women in this area, where female talent is increasingly present. “Sustainability is about change, about evolving, and women know a lot about this. In addition, this is a recently created department in companies and here women have found the perfect opportunity to lead and add value,” said Marta Estellés.

Leyla Gallego, head of Communications at ITERCON and SERVITRIA, moderated the round table and highlighted the progress made by both companies: “In addition to holding pioneering meetings like this one, we are fortunate to have internal references who support and guide us along the way“.