ITERCON participates in the electrification of Ford in Germany

  • The Valencian company has built the new bodywork pre-treatment building at the Colonia factory.
  • The American car company has invested more than 18 million euros in this project.

The design and construction company, ITERCON, has participated in the electrification process that Ford is carrying out at its plant in Cologne (Germany), to adapt it to the needs of the production of electric vehicles that will be launched in the coming months. The German factory is immersed in a transformation process that will become the first Ford plant to manufacture electric cars in all of Europe and, for this, it has invested more than 18 million euros in this phase of the process.

ITERCON has been responsible for preparing the execution plans and the construction of a new building of more than 5.000 m2 distributed over two floors. Highlighting, especially, the more than 26 meters high of the ship. The building has been designed to house the latest technology in the preparation of bodies for the new 100% electric models of the American automobile company.

The construction of the large building in the center of the plant has been a great challenge for the entire team due to the limited space due to the proximity of other warehouses and the circulation of vehicles in the vicinity.

“If we are proud of anything at ITERCON, it is the trust that customers like Ford place in us who, after more than forty years working together around the world, continue to choose us as their supplier for the design and construction of their large projects”, has declared Manuel Marín, general director of ITERCON.

The new building known as PTEC, for being the initials of Pre-Treatment Electro Coating, constitutes one of the most modern and avant-garde constructions that the multinational has in the whole country. Currently, the construction company is immersed in the process of installing several bridges that will serve as a connection for the PTEC with the rest of the other areas of the plant where different phases of the production process are carried out, such as drying.

Half a century hand in hand

ITERCON and Ford began their relationship when the American multinational landed in Almussafes (Valencia) almost 50 years ago. Throughout all this time, both companies have continued to work together on a regular basis in different countries, with the construction company receiving an award for its work at the plant that Ford owns in Craiova (Romania).