ITERCON is awarded the construction of a new parking lot in Estepona

  • The project will involve an investment of 10 million euros for the municipality and will include the creation of the parking lot and the redevelopment of the area.
  • The new urban space, with a completion period of 20 months, will have 322 parking spaces.

The Estepona City Council has awarded ITERCON, a company specializing in design and construction that is a benchmark in the sector, the execution of the subway parking lot and the redevelopment of the area around the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church in the town of Estepona, Malaga, for 10 million euros.

The works for the configuration of this new urban space, which will have three floors with a total surface of 10,096 square meters in each one of them and capacity for 322 parking spaces, will start in January 2024, with an execution period of 20 months.

The project will be based on three distinct stages. First, the development of the preliminary works and the detours of the infrastructures affected by the layout of the parking lot. Subsequently, the actual execution of the space, which will include the development of the roof slab, its waterproofing and its protection, without considering the urbanization on it. Finally, the staff will execute the redevelopment works of the area considered in the project, including the space above the parking deck.

Sustainability will be another of the backbone factors of the construction, which, in addition to improving accessibility, will seek to improve environmental and landscape quality, as well as to become a reference point for citizen coexistence, complying with full safety guarantees. From the point of view of public use, the space will offer possibilities for strolling and enjoyment for the inhabitants of the area.

Consolidation in the south area

This award is in addition to the one that took place just a few weeks ago in another town in Malaga, specifically in Fuengirola. There ITERCON will start the works for the construction of the food market located in Recinto Ferial street. This last order will solve current problems such as the occupation of the road for loading and unloading, the use of parking floors and the optimization of closed and unused premises.