Política integrada / Integrated policy

ITERCON is a construction company with more than 60 years of experience, and with an outstanding trajectory in the construction of Industrial Works, Civil Works and Building in both the private and public sectors, and with a growing international presence in countries such as Germany, Colombia or Romania. The professionalism, commitment and seriousness in each of our projects have made ITERCON a reference company in the industrial field, counting as suppliers of some of the most reputable industrialists at national and international level. We are a guarantee of quality and compliance with the objectives and deadlines set, thanks to the special monitoring of ITERCON’s team of professionals in each project at the service of our customers. In addition, ITERCON accredits a remarkable financial health in the construction sector as a result of a sustained growth and a conservative policy in the selection of projects and investments.


The Management of INNOVACIONES TÉCNICAS Y RECURSOS CONSTRUCTIVOS, S.A (hereinafter ITERCON) is committed to keeping integrated, in its management and development of its processes, the principles in prevention of occupational risk, quality protection of the Enviroment, Social Responsability and Energy Efficiency respecting the Principles of the Global Compact promoted by the United Nations, in order to be a socially responsible organization, estabilishes the following principles and commitments: 


  1. This integrated policy is mandatory for all Itercon personnel and serves as a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives.


  1. The fundamentals of Quality, care of the Environment, Safety and Health at Work, Energy Efficiency and Social Responsibility are integrated into the management of the Company.


  1. To assume the commitment of knowing and complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those to which the organization voluntarily subscribes, including those related to the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency and international regulations on behavior and respect for human rights, verifying that all interested parties comply with such requirements, and establishing the necessary mechanisms to do so, continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.


  1. Make this policy available to all interested parties and review it as often as necessary to ensure its appropriateness.


  1. To know, solve and meet the current and future needs of our customers and other stakeholders, promoting relationships with them, meeting their requirements and making an effort to meet their expectations, offering the safest solutions for our workers, environmental sustainability, efficiency and the most appropriate technologies.


  1. Ensure the ethical behaviour of all personnel in accordance with the ITERCON Code of Conduct.


  1. To plan prevention by integrating it with technique, work organisation, social relations and the influence of environmental factors at work, while providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of workrelated injuries and health deterioration.


  1. To involve, motivate, commit, train and inform all personnel of the organization and interested parties so that they get involved with Itercon, in matters of Health and Safety at Work, Quality, Environment, Social Responsibility and Energy Efficiency, as well as providing the necessary information and resources to achieve the planned objectives.


  1. Involve Subcontractors and Suppliers in the Organization’s strategies, establishing the necessary channels to guarantee their participation in the technological, environmental, occupational risk prevention, quality, social responsibility and energy efficiency challenges that our activity entails.


  1. The surveillance, control and monitoring of the health of all members of the Organization, as well as other interested parties, adopting the necessary measures in the development of our activity.


  1. Minimize our generation of waste and prevent pollution by providing training and means for our employees and stakeholders to actively collaborate in this cause. Protect the environment through the sustainable use of natural resources and efficient use of energy, optimizing the use of raw materials and promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling practices, mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.


  1. Support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services that impact energy performance.


  1. To evaluate the environmental impacts caused by Itercon, during the entire life cycle of its products and services, in order to prevent, eliminate or reduce them, avoiding the transfer of environmental impacts from one stage of the life cycle to another or from one impact category to another.


  1. To use theoretical and practical training, information, consultation and participation of the workers as tools that enable the principles contained in this Policy to be known, understood, developed and kept up to date by all the people who are part of Itercon.


  1. Develop a favourable framework for labour relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment


  1. Promote best practices to ensure respect for the principles of Social Responsibility, giving priority to transparency and ethical behaviour in business.


  1. Itercon is committed to reliably follow its data protection and information security policy.

ITERCON undertakes to incontrovertibly adhere to its data protection and information security policy.      

Itercon board of Directors