Values fundamental

of the Company

ITERCON It provides in each project the necessary resources for the fulfillment of the objectives set in order to increase customer satisfaction, ensure its loyalty and maintain the integrated system so that its effectiveness is improved continuously. 

We manage these resources according to a detailed study of the needs and decision-making to contribute and maintain them, as well as to promote their training. 

    • To satisfy the client permanently exceeding your expectations, knowing, resolving and responding to your claims, suggestions and opportunities for improvement, to respond to your current and future needs.
    • Professionalism based on the commitment of the human team of this company: a team with ample capacity to face the challenges of the current market.
    • Commitment Working with a solid work ethic, integrity, honesty and transparency.
    • Development of a favorable labor relations framework based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment.

    Ethical code

    of the Itercon Group

    Part I. Values ​​of the entity, recipients

    I. Purpose of the Code of Conduct

    The present Conduct Code It intends to establish the rules of action of all administrators, managers and employees of any companies integrated in the Itercon Group, in its internal activity or with third parties.

    This Code of Conduct is part of the Compliance Program of the Itercon Group and is partially developed in other texts approved by the Group Management such as the Integrated Manual or  Protocol of action against harassment.

    II. Recipients

    This Code of Conduct is addressed to the administrators, managers, professionals and employees of the companies that make up the Itercon Group, regardless of the contractual modality that regulates their legal relationship, the position or position they occupy or the place in the Let them do their job.

    The Itercon Group shall promote that all controlled companies integrated therein (in accordance with the definition of the group provided for in articles 18 TRLSC and 42 of the Commercial Code) and the main collaborators with whom it relates adopt a conduct in accordance with the ethical principles of this Code. However, the Itercon Group is not considered to be the guarantor of the conduct of its employees, nor does it assume any responsibility for its hypothetical unlawful or criminal action, as long as they constitute independent businessmen outside the Group, as defined in the following section.

    III. Group structure and business activity

    1.     Composition and operational scope

    The Itercon Group is a poly-corporate company in which several companies domiciled in Spain and in three other countries (Germany, Colombia and Romania) are integrated.

    The Itercon Group is dedicated to the sector of real estate investments and the promotion and construction of all types of works, as well as the realization of complementary services, such as the execution of gardening and irrigation works, nursery operation and cultivation of ornamental plants, environmental and landscape impact studies, design and construction of treatment plants, waste treatment, conservation and protection of the natural and environmental environment and other activities related to the use and management of natural resources.

    The parent company has as its main corporate purpose the realization of the activities of the promotion and construction of all types of buildings, as well as their exploitation thereof, by means of any appropriate contractual figure for this purpose. As a group head company, its corporate purpose also includes the management and management of participations in other entities of all types, whether or not they have legal personality. In addition, it is also dedicated to the provision of technical, financial, business accounting, legal and business strategy advisory services to investee companies, as well as the sale, subscription and administration of securities on its own.

    All these activities can be carried out directly or through the participation of the parent company in other companies with an identical or similar purpose.

    2. Administration and management of the Group

    In view of the hierarchical disposition of the Group, the companies that comprise it are subject to the management unit of the parent company in the essential aspects of the common business strategy. Given the composition of the share capital of the subsidiaries, wholly owned, for the most part, no compensation measures are planned for external partners, which do not exist.

    Without prejudice to this unitary address within the Group, the management and representation of each of the companies is entrusted to its own administrative body, which has a differentiated structure in each case.

    Part II Behaviour rules

    IV. Group ethical values

    The business values ​​of the organization, the corporate culture and the professional ethics of its employees and managers make up the basic pillars that govern the Group's activities. For this, it requires its employees and managers to act with loyalty to the company, professionalism in their work and respect for the Law, at the beginning of good faith in relations with third parties, to the rights and freedoms of people and to the protection of environment.

    Employees and managers must act in the performance of their professional responsibilities, with loyalty and attending to the defense of the interests of the Group and of the companies integrated in it. They should also try to avoid situations that may give rise to a conflict between their personal interests and those of the company.

    The employees and executives of the Itercon Group must be defined by their high professionalism based on an efficient performance and focused on excellence and quality of service. All of them will contribute their greater predisposition, effort and collaboration to seek the best satisfaction of the expectations of the clients.

    The Itercon Group expresses its firm commitment to strict compliance with the LawAs well as respect for rights of workers, including its adequate management and training, adequate working conditions, the prohibition of establishing commercial and / or other relationships with organizations that benefit from child labor, forced labor and / or human trafficking, respect for the environment and at the beginning of good faith which must mediate in relations with private third parties and with the Administration, as specified in the "Principles of action" set forth in the following sections of this Code.

    Therefore, the Itercon Group expresses its radical opposition to the conduct of any conduct or practice likely to constitute a criminal offense in any country in which it carries out its activity by any of its members. The administrators, professionals and employees of all Group companies will use the highest level of diligence to avoid incurring any criminal behavior or practice, with special reference to the behaviors set forth in the "Table of crimes, risk practices and control procedures" of the Compliance Program of the group.

    V. Principles of the Group's actions in relation to workers

    The Itercon Group expresses its firm commitment not to carry out practices that may be considered as threatening the rights of workers, depending on the employment contract and current legislation on labor matters and also in relation to the principle of good faith.

    The Itercon Group assumes the commitment that the workers of the company exercise their activity in healthy conditions, for which the necessary material resources and financial resources will be maintained, in accordance with the company's integrated policy and integrated system in Occupational safety (OHSAS 18001), quality (ISO 9001) and the environment (ISO 14001).

    The Itercon Group undertakes to maintain and protect with the measures at its disposal, a work environment where the personal integrity and sexual freedom of all its employees and employees are respected, in the terms expressed in its Protocol of Action against Harassment.

    Under said Protocol, The Itercon Group rejects any type of workplace harassment, meaning any behavior, verbal, nonverbal or physical, unwanted, of a sexual nature with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating a intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. Similarly, reject any type of moral harassment or bullying, understood as the hostile or offensive treatment, by one person or group, either by word or actions, with respect to another, undermining their person systematically and for a time, in order to disrupt the exercise of their work , affect your reputation and finally cause the abandonment of the job.

    The Itercon Group declares these practices as intolerable and unacceptable and will not allow situations of workplace harassment to occur within. The administrators and the rest of the managerial personnel will be especially attentive to the complaints that can be received by any worker or worker in relation to situations of labor harassment.

    Workers may disobey any instruction of the management personnel whose compliance implies the commission of criminal conduct or contrary to the values ​​and principles included in this Code of Conduct and in the remaining documents related thereto.

    In addition, the Itercon Group is committed to carrying out internal promotion programs for which the selection criteria will be meritocracy and professional training.

    VI.Principles of action of the Itercon Group in relation to the Environment

    The Itercon Group is certified in ISO 14001, showing its commitment to the environment, which defines the objectives and goals in this field, the policies and procedures for its achievement, the systems to control its application, the training activities of the staff, distribution of responsibilities and improvement tools. In compliance with said Plan, all Group personnel are affected by the principle of environmental protection, and must ensure the rational use of natural resources in order to protect, defend and restore the environment.

    The Itercon Group expresses its firm commitment not to carry out practices that could be harmful to the Environment in contravention of the general norms for its protection. Therefore, it undertakes to scrupulously respect these standards and, especially, those related to emissions, discharges, radiations, extractions or excavations, terrifications, noise, vibrations, injections or deposits, in the atmosphere, soil, subsoil or land, ground or sea waters, including the high seas, as well as water catchments.

    In addition, the Itercon Group undertakes to adopt in its projects a preventive approach that favors the Environment and to use technologies that respect it, within the possibilities allowed by the financial conditions and viability of each project, always choosing the most innocuous option. among the possible ones, in accordance with points 7 and 9 of the United Nations Global Compact June 2000, which has been signed by the Group Management.

    VII. Principles of performance of the Itercon Group in its relations with third parties

    A)    Principles of action in relation to suppliers, contractors and other businessmen with whom you have business relationships

    All personnel are affected by the principles of good faith, clarity and transparency in relationships with third parties. Therefore, you must not knowingly provide incorrect, inaccurate or inaccurate information that may mislead those who receive it, always ensuring that no action of yours can be construed as misleading.

    Likewise, all the ethical values ​​of the Itercon Group will be extended to all suppliers, contractors and other businessmen with whom commercial relationships are maintained and, especially, those related to the prohibition of establishing commercial and / or other relationships with organizations. who benefit from child labor, forced labor and / or human trafficking).

    On the other hand, the Itercon Group will ensure that this Code is respected by third parties with whom contractual or collaborative relationships are established, in the fulfillment of the obligations derived from such contracts and in the performance of joint business activities. For this purpose, it will inform said businessmen of the existence of this Code and of the development texts that are of interest for the relationship established with them and will ensure that it is attached as attached documentation in the different contracts that are concluded in the framework of said relationship. Failing that, it will verify that these entrepreneurs have equivalent codes or compliance programs.

    Where appropriate, the Itercon Group reserves the possibility of claiming compensation or compensation to these employees for the damages they may suffer as a result of breach of the rules established in this Code and the texts that develop it and have become part of contractual relationships with them.


    B)    Policy regarding corruption and money laundering

    The Itercon Group expresses its firm commitment not to carry out practices that may be considered corrupt in the development of its relations with the authorities.

    No fund or Group may be used to pay, lend or bribe, or make another type of illegal payment in order to influence or compromise the proceeding of the recipient. The Group opposes any act of corruption or bribery of either public officials or individuals and does not tolerate practices whose purpose is to do business through improper means.

    Therefore, it is prohibited for any administrator or employee of the Group to make gifts or deliver money or other goods to public officials or labor personnel of the public administrations, which can be interpreted as an attempt to bribe or as a means of obtaining a favor treatment illegal character. Excluded from the previous rule are the protocol services of reduced value and which will be recorded in a Registry of services.

    Likewise, the Itercon Group undertakes not to carry out any act related to the possession, use or transfer of assets or rights whose criminal origin is known or suspected, nor to carry out any practice of concealment and concealment of such assets or of assistance to the people who have participated in the criminal activity from which they come.


    VIII. Loyal Group Administration

    The performance of the administrators and managers of each of the companies integrated in the Itercon Group, as well as that of all those who perform in it some kind of representative function, must at all times respect the ethical values ​​and the principles of action which are described in this Code. Their decisions must be respectful of the Law and of the duties of the administrators of the capital companies, always prioritizing the interest of the Group and that of the companies included therein, over their own private or extra-corporate interests.

    Consequently, the realization by the administrators, proxies or any other persons who carry out a representative activity of the Group, of active or omisive behaviors that violate the Law or contravene such duties is considered unfair.

    In particular, any of the following actions or activities will be considered unfair:

    a) The excess of the powers attributed to them.

    b) Failure to comply with the duty of secrecy regarding the information, data, reports or antecedents to which they have had access in the performance of their duties, unless this is necessary to inform the "Monitoring and Control Commission" of the commission of any crime by any of the administrators, directors or employees of any of the companies that are part of the Group, under the terms established in section XII of this Code of Conduct.

    c) The prioritization of self-interest over the interest of the Group or that of its companies, in the event that both may be in conflict. If a possible conflict situation is detected, it must be reported to the management body of the affected company and, where appropriate, refrain from taking part in the deliberation and voting of the corresponding agreements or decisions, in the event that they arrive. to occur.

    d) The use of company assets, including confidential company information, for private purposes.

    e) Taking advantage of the company's business opportunities for its own benefit.

    f) Obtaining benefits or remuneration associated with the performance of their position, from third parties outside the Group.

    g) The development of activities for their own account or for others that involve effective competition, whether current or potential, with the Group company to which they belong.

    Part III Obligations and responsibilities

    IX. Binding nature of this Code

    This Code of Conduct is mandatory for all persons of the Group and for those third parties that have voluntarily accepted its application. For its part, the Itercon Group undertakes to communicate and disseminate the Code so that it is known and respected by all its employees. In this sense, the Code will be notified to the directors and employees of the company, who must formally assume their commitment to fulfillment at the time of assuming their positions or at the time of hiring or renewing their contracts, as well as in those other circumstances where the company so requires.

    The application of the Code of Conduct should not be understood, in any case, as a limitation of workers' rights. The obligations of the Code will only be binding insofar as they are compatible with the provisions of the Labor Law.

    X. Obligations of the members of the Itercon Group in relation to this Code and the Compliance Program

    Every member of the Itercon Group must cknow and meet the behavioral guidelines established in this Code and in the Compliance Program in which it is integrated, as well as the policies and procedures that develop and complement them. In addition, you must to collaborate for dissemination and implementation.

    Every member of the Itercon Group must report to the Surveillance and Control Commission of any violation, alleged or actual, of applicable laws or regulations or of the provisions of this Code of Conduct and of the Compliance Program Under no circumstance will the fact of providing this type of information serve as a basis for adopting any retaliatory measures against the employee from whom it comes.

    The Code designs the behavior model to be followed by all members of the Itercon Group in carrying out the activities entrusted as such, but does not resolve all the situations that may arise. Therefore, when a different or new situation arises, which may directly or indirectly affect the Group or any of the companies that comprise it and cannot be resolved in accordance with the principles established in this Code, it may be possible make an enquiry on the matter to the Monitoring and Control Commission, being able to use the Ethical Channel for this purpose.

    Part IV Control of the application of the Code

    XI Ethical Channel

    An Ethical Channel is established that allows any member of the Group to notify the Commission of Surveillance and Control of irregular behaviors that occur in any of the companies that are part of the Itercon Group or any breach of the rules contained in this Code or in the Compliance Program In any case, said communications must always meet the criteria of truthfulness and proportionality, and this mechanism cannot be used for purposes other than those that seek compliance with the aforementioned standards.

    The Ethical Channel may also be used by any member of the Group to inquire about the doubts generated by the application of this Code or that Schedule or on the correct way of acting in the face of new situations not foreseen in both texts and that may directly or indirectly affect the Group or the companies integrated therein.

    The Ethical Channel is articulated through the email account and the confidentiality of the communications received and the identity of its author is guaranteed.


    XII. Control and Surveillance Commission

    The Itercon Group will establish a Monitoring and Control Committee for the application and monitoring of this Code of Conduct and the Compliance Program of which it is part.

    The Commission will be composed of a representative of the Department of Occupational Safety, Quality, Environment, a member of the Department of Human Resources and a member of the legal department.

    The operating regime of this Commission and its relations with the other organs of the Group are established in the Compliance Program.

    Human Resources

    Teamworkshared responsibilities e innovation for the improvement of our processes have been the fundamental bases of our trajectory. The evolution of a group with a responsible growth

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    • To conjugate a motivated human team, promoting development and extending the organization's values ​​to the entire team.
    • Take care of the incorporation and bet on the incorporation of qualified young people.
    • Increase productive competitiveness through training, training and development of the human team.
    • People constitute the most important value that guarantees our future. Therefore, they must be qualified and identified with the objectives of our organization and their opinions must be considered.

    Quality and


    ITERCONIts main objective is to provide its customers with a service to be able to trust, to comply with their requirements, as well as to provide a reliable response that fully meets their expectations, agreed deadlines and minimizing possible impacts to the environment. 

    The objective of the Quality and Environment Policy is the consolidation of this reality, continuously improving its performance, applying measures to prevent possible environmental impacts and strengthening the trust of our customers. ITERCON prioritizes service quality as an increase in customer satisfaction.  

    By implementing a Quality and Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards, ITERCON aims to strengthen the participation of all and the elimination of activities that do not add value to our client, continuously improving Competitiveness, with the commitment to respect natural resources, such as electricity and diesel, for which activities are analyzed and waste is properly managed.  

    Following the environmental and quality policy guidelines, objectives are established at all levels, in addition to monitoring the degree of compliance with all the process indicators and environmental goals established so that we can measure our continuous improvement.

      Some of our main objectives are:

      • Grow as a company in service quality respecting the protection of the environment.
      • Know, solve and meet the current and future needs of our customers, foster relationships with them, meet their requirements and make an effort to exceed their expectations, offering the safest solutions for our workers, environmentally sustainable and technologically most appropriate.
      • Continuously improve the Environmental Management of the company thus increasing its competitiveness and consequently its income statement. Minimize our waste generation and provide training and means to our employees to actively collaborate in this cause. Similarly, improve working conditions to minimize the environmental impacts of all processes in the Company.
      • Establish as one of the main objectives pollution prevention. Rationally use material resources, promote savings in electricity and reduction in waste generation.

      Prevention and security

      ITERCON has implemented a health and safety management system following the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards. Such a system works in an integrated regime with two other Quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001) systems. The scope of such management systems is global and transversal to the entire organization, reaching not only the permanent facilities of the company, but especially those that are due to the execution of the works, so it will be Application in all projects.

      The ITERCON Prevention Policy aims to promote the improvement of working conditions, in order to raise the levels of safety, health and welfare of workers.

      Continuous improvement in preventive action is achieved through information, consultation and participation of staff, at all levels and estam

      In accordance with these principles, ITERCON assumes the following commitments:

      • The fundamentals of quality, environmental care and prevention of occupational hazards are integrated into the management of the Company. Assume the commitment to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those subscribed by the organization, verifying that the subcontractors and suppliers comply with those requirements.
      • Plan prevention by integrating it with technique, work organization, social relations and the influence of environmental factors at work.
      • Establish the mechanisms to meet the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated System for Quality Management, Environment and occupational risk prevention.
      • Involve, motivate, commit, train and inform all the staff of the organization to get involved in the company, in terms of occupational safety, quality, environment and corporate social responsibility.
      • Provide the necessary resources to achieve the planned objectives.
      • The surveillance, control and monitoring of the health of all members of the Organization.
      • Develop a favorable framework of labor relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment.

      R + D

      ITERCON has committed to the R&D Policy in the promotion of activities of Research, Development and Technological Innovation in the different areas of activity of the company.

      We currently have two patents:

      • Waste segregation center (CESER).

      • Protection System for Mobile People Lifting Platforms (SISPROPEMP).

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